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Santa Safety Tips for Decorating!

[ 0 ] November 22, 2011 |

Many people are busy putting up Christmas decorations this weekend.  Here are a few tips on how to stay safe while making your home a winter wonderland.

Santa’s Top 10 Safety Tips for Rooftop Christmas Decorating
Have a Safe Christmas This Year!
By Sabrina Young

Santa Rooftop Safety Tip #1: Stay away from powerlines
Follow one of Santa’s most important rooftop safety tips and avoid any power lines that may get in the way. Keep an eye out for live wires that could leave you in the hospital.Santa Rooftop Safety Tip

Santa Rooftop Safety Tip #2: Don’t trust an elf to hold your ladder
Always have a grown up keep your ladder steady. This is especially important if you are climbing very high up. Wind or simple carelessness can leave you stranded, hurt on the ground, or worse. Do not trust your munchkins to hold the ladder steady for you. Kids can get easily distracted, leaving you wondering if you should have worn a parachute.

Santa Rooftop Safety Tip #3: Don’t blow a fuse
Although Santa truly appreciates homes that are more brightly lit than Vegas, be sure to only decorate with as much as your house can safely handle. Use proper outdoor extension cords, and do not overload outlets and extension cords.

Santa Rooftop Safety Tip #4: Watch out for reindeer and other critters
Be sure you are focused and paying attention while you are decorating this Christmas. You don’t want to end up plummeting twenty feet to the ground because a chipmunk scared you. The same goes for stray reindeer.

Santa Rooftop Safety Tip #5: Keep the chimney clear
If you have a functioning chimney, you want to keep it clear. Besides, how else will Santa be able to deliver his gifts? He can’t e-mail them.

Santa Rooftop Safety Tip #6: Turn it off
Before you go to bed, be sure to turn off all of your Christmas light decorations. Although it may be nice to leave them up and running for all to see, leaving the lights off cuts energy costs, saves electricity, and also lessens the chances of a fire.

Santa Rooftop Safety Tip #7: Outside lights are for the outside
Double check your Christmas lights when you are decorating. Make sure the Christmas lights work and that they are meant to decorate outside. Inside Christmas lights are not meant to last through the snow and detrimental weather.

Santa Rooftop Safety Tip #8: Buddy up
Have a Christmas decorating buddy. Maybe you can offer to help your neighbor across the street with his Christmas decorations if he will help you with yours. In any case, you do not want to decorate your home alone, especially if you are going to climb the roof. You need someone reliable to hold the ladder and be there in case of an emergency.

Santa Rooftop Safety Tip #9: Don’t decorate if you dipped into the eggnog
It is difficult to stay focused on your task at hand if you have dipped into the eggnog and are a bit tipsy. Try decorating in daylight during calm weather when you are clear-headed and sober.

Santa Rooftop Safety Tip #10: Secure your fake Santa
Whether you live in a snowy state like New York or live in sunny Florida, you need to secure any type of large decoration that you may hang from your roof. This includes fake a fake Santa Claus with reindeer, a “Merry Christmas” sign, or a wreath so large that you can see from the moon. Keep yourself, your neighbors, and your family safe by securing everything from lights to fake Christmas trees.


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